Experience the Rare Taste of Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro Peaberry.

Our Tanzania Zanzibar coffee features medium-roasted peaberry beans, a rare and highly sought-after African coffee varietal from the Mbozi and Mbeya regions in Southwestern Tanzania. A significant portion of this coffee is cultivated around Mt. Kilimanjaro, one of the world’s most iconic peaks.

Tanzania Zanzibar coffee product shot
  • Bean Type: Peaberry
  • Region: Mbozi & Mbeya
  • Altitude: 7500+
  • Roast: Medium

As with any peaberry, this coffee has a medium body, and a stronger back end than typical regional contemporaries. The coffee is processed with a washed method, making for a consistent cup. Flavor profile is robust fruit flavor reminiscent of cranberry chutney and Tangerine sorbet.

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