Two Philadelphia icons unite – a family-owned coffee roastery with 170 years of Philadelphia history and one of America’s oldest art museums. Starting today, museum visitors can enjoy Ellis Coffee, bringing a uniquely Philadelphian taste to their cultural experience.

Ellis Coffee Partners with Philadelphia Museum of Art to Deliver a Distinctly Philadelphian Coffee Experience to Visitors.

Philadelphia, PA — Ellis Coffee is excited to announce a new partnership with the Philadelphia Museum of Art, uniting two iconic Philadelphia institutions with over 300 years of combined Philadelphia tradition. Starting today, museum visitors can enjoy Ellis Coffee, bringing a uniquely Philadelphian taste to their cultural experience.

This collaboration marks the coming together of two storied Philadelphia landmarks. The Philadelphia Museum of Art, one of America’s oldest and most renowned art museums, joins forces with Ellis Coffee, a family-owned coffee roastery with 170 years of history. This partnership promises to enhance the museum experience with the rich, artisan-roasted taste of Ellis Coffee, crafted just six miles away from the museum.

“We are honored to partner with the Philadelphia Museum of Art.” said Adam Kestenbaum, President of Ellis Coffee. “As a family-owned business deeply rooted in this city, we are proud to bring our artisan roasted coffee to such a prestigious institution, allowing visitors to savor a true Philadelphia coffee experience during their visit.”

Key Highlights of the Partnership:

  • A Rich Philadelphia Tradition: The partnership combines over 300 years of heritage, blending the cultural significance of the Philadelphia Museum of Art with the time-honored artisanal roasting experise of Ellis Coffee.
  • Icons Unite: The collaboration between a historic art museum and a beloved family-owned coffee roastery promises to deliver an exclusive, authentically Philadelphian coffee experience to museum visitors.
  • Family Roasted Since 1854: Ellis Coffee has been proudly roasted in Philadelphia since 1854, carrying forward a legacy of quality and tradition perfected over four generations.
  • Proximity and Quality: With 170 years of coffee roasting experience, Ellis Coffee continues to uphold its commitment to excellence, producing artisan roasted coffee just six miles from the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

About the Philadelphia Museum of Art: The Philadelphia Museum of Art is one of the most comprehensive art museums in the United States, renowned for its diverse collection and exceptional exhibitions.

About Ellis Coffee: Ellis Coffee, family-owned and operated since 1854, is dedicated to roasting high-quality coffee in Philadelphia, embodying a rich tradition of excellence and community.

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