Becky Day, VP of National Sales at Ellis Coffee, is featured in the fall 2023 issue of NAMA’s In Touch Magazine. Dive into her inspiring journey, key industry insights, and the adventurous spirit that defines her.

We’re thrilled to announce that our very own Becky Day, Vice President of National Sales at Ellis Coffee, is shining in the spotlight of the National Automatic Merchandising Association’s (NAMA) In Touch Magazine’s Fall 2023 issue!

As a key member of the WIN Advisory Council and the Tennessee Automatic Merchandising Association Board of Governors, Becky has been making waves in the convenience services industry. In this feature, dive into Becky’s journey to Ellis Coffee, her indispensable role, and the skills she leverages daily. She also shares her personal aspirations and valuable advice for those starting out in the industry.

Becky’s not just a trailblazer in the convenience services industry; she’s also known for her dynamic, adventurous spirit in her free time as well. Imagine the thrill of a fast-paced, outdoor rodeo, where quick decisions and agility are paramount. It’s this same energy and determination that Becky brings to her role at Ellis Coffee.

Ready to be inspired? Read the full story here. 🚀

About Chris Snee

Chris is the Director of Marketing for Ellis Coffee, one of the oldest family owned and operated coffee roasters in the US. His duties include working to elevate and revitalize the company's image, modernizing its logo, branding, and overall aesthetics to appeal to today's market. Chris excels in both digital and traditional marketing, from impactful Go-To-Market strategies for new products to crafting compelling consumer-facing materials and digital content. His expertise extends to managing Ellis Coffee's digital presence, significantly enhancing its online and retail B2C channels. A former Advertising Art Direction instructor at Temple University, Chris combines his educational background with practical experience to lead and inspire both his team and the broader design community. His approach is not just about aesthetics but creating meaningful brand experiences that resonate with customers and drive Ellis Coffee's success in a competitive industry.