Stafford K. is a former Ellis delivery boy who worked in John Ellis’ unique 9th St. coffee pot building during the 1940s. He reached out to us after enjoying a cup of Ellis coffee at his favorite local breakfast spot, and he was eager to share his incredible memories of the Giant Coffee Pot Building.

Have you ever wondered what it was like to work in the iconic Giant Coffee Pot Building of 9 S. 16th St. for John Ellis?

Stafford K., a former Ellis delivery boy from 1944-45 reached out to us to share his memories of 9 S. 16th St. after being served Ellis coffee at his local breakfast spot. Here are some interesting insights that he shared with us:

John Ellis would stop by the store frequently to check on things. There was a secretary in a windowed booth where John would spend most of his time checking business records.

Israel (Izzy) Ellis was in charge of the store and the man who hired me. He was an energetic guy and maintained the store operating on all cylinders. Unfortunately, he had lost his senses of smell and taste so he would send me to the Bains Deli on Chestnut St. to get his very spicy sandwich for his lunch.

Sam was the youngest brother and came to the store rarely.

I wrapped, weighed, stamped and delivered the gift packages to the US Post Office a block away. Many were being sent to servicemen, and many, unfortunately, were returned as undeliverable.

The most expensive coffee was Java-Mocha at 54 cents a pound.

Thank you, Stafford, for giving us a little insight into what life was like at Ellis Coffee in the ’40s. Although many things have changed, our passion for coffee and stellar customer service remains unchanged.

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